Searching for a Sotheby's Institute of Art Thesis / Dissertation



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American Fine and
Decorative Art

New York 2007-current 2011-current Yes

Art Business

London 2003-current not available Limited List Yes

Art Business

New York 2007-current 2011-current Yes

Contemporary Art

London 2007-current not available Limited List Yes

Contemporary Art

New York 2008-current 2011-current Yes

Contemporary Design

London 2000-current not available Limited List Yes

East Asian Art

London 2002-current not available No Yes

Fine and Decorative Art

London 2007-current not available Limited List Yes


London 1999-current not available Limited List Yes


SIA New York Theses

1. Consult the table above for New York Institute theses.
2. Search the library catalogue for New York Institute theses that earned distinction.
3. Search Sotheby's Institute@ProQuest for full text versions of all New York Institute theses.
(SIA log-in credentials required)

Consulting SIA-NY Theses

  • All theses are kept behind the Circulation Desk and must be requested at the Desk
  • Up to four theses can be requested at one time
  • Theses are not for loan and may not leave the library
  • The copyright declaration form at the front of the thesis must signed before consultation
  • Theses cannot be photocopied due to copyright restrictions


    SIA London Theses

    The SIA-NY library holds a limited number of photocopies of theses from the London campus. All London campus theses are catalogued in the online catalogue Liberty. List of London theses held at the New York Library.

    If the SIA-NY library holds a copy of a London thesis, it will be indicated in the online catalogue record.

    *NOTE: the London campus uses the term "Dissertation" instead of "Thesis". These are not PhD dissertations but Master's level theses.

    Requesting SIA-London Theses

    If you find a thesis of interest in the online catalogue not currently held at the SIA-NY library, send an email with the following information to

    • Title
    • Author
    • Year thesis completed
    • London

    Due to UK copyright restrictions, the author of the thesis must grant permission for the thesis to be reproduced for the SIA-NY library collection. If London staff are unable to obtain this permission, a copy may not be added to the SIA-NY collection. Students should note that it may take up to several weeks for permission, reproduction and mailing.