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SIA-NY MA students can request reader privileges for New York University’s Bobst Library. This library is one of the largest academic research libraries in the city and offers graduate level research collections in art and business.

To request reader privileges, click on the link below and enter your name in the body of the message.



Reader privileges allow SIA-NY students to study at NYU during the extensive operating hours and can make use of the comprehensive list of electronic resources available at Bobst.

SIA-NY students will be required to present their SIA-NY student card at the NYU Bobst Library's Library Privileges desk (immediately to the left as you enter Bobst library). They will check your name from the list of SIA-NY students and affix an NYU Bobst library sticker to your SIA-NY student card.

Access to NYU's Bobst library will require a valid SIA-NY student card with an NYU Bobst sticker.

The Bobst library stickers grant reader privileges only. They do not allow SIA-NY students to borrow material from the Bobst library. All resources must be used on site.

SIA-NY students have access to most of the NYU subscription databases on site as well. Access is only available on the library terminals. Wi-Fi access is only available to registered NYU students.

For problems with NYU reader privileges, please visit the Library Privileges desk at Bobst library or contact the SIA-NY librarians at