Suggestions and Ideas

All suggestions and ideas regarding the library facility and library services are welcome. Students are encouraged to contact the librarians for all library-related issues including:

  • Requests for book and DVD purchases and periodicals and database subscriptions. If the requested items are weighed against a number of criteria including usefulness to the collection, price, faculty approval, availability in other libraries, etc. Requesting a purchase does not guarantee the item will be added to the collection. Email all requests to
  • Problems with library equipment such as computers, printer, photocopiers, scanner or wireless service.
  • Problems with online access to the library catalogue or the subscription databases.
  • Requests for extended library hours. If there is sufficient student interest in extended library hours and staff scheduling can be arranged, the library may also open on either Saturdays or Sundays.
  • Requests for workshops on specific research topics or tours of specific research centers.

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