Library Protocol

  • We ask that students do not bring food or drink into the library.
  • Water is allowed, but must be tightly capped in a spill-proof bottle.
  • Please dispose of your litter in the bin and treat the facilities with respect.
  • Students are asked to turn their mobile phones onto silent when entering the library. Please take your phones outside the library to make and receive calls.
  • Students are not allowed to download any applications onto the library workstations.
  • Students are not permitted to save files on the library computers. Please save all research material to a USB drive or email it to yourself. The library computers will be cleared of all unnecesary files on a regular basis.
  • The library printer is for printing online research only. The workstations and printers located in the café area are to be used for printing class readings and any Microsoft documents.
  • Click on the link below to access the full Library Service Level Agreement. This document is also included in the SIA-NY Student handbook.
  • Library Servicel Level Agreement